Australia and Malaysia: Alumni Vignettes


13 September 2022


Education is the bedrock of the Australia-Malaysia relationship. It’s the reason our people-to-people links are so strong today.

Malaysians made up the largest cohort of students studying in Australia under the original Colombo Plan, providing a life-changing opportunity to a gain a higher education and contribute to Malaysia’s national development.

Since then, more than 300,000 Malaysians have studied at Australian institutions. Around 7,000 Australians have studied in Malaysia in the past decade, including over 3,000 under the New Colombo Plan.

There are 165,616 Malaysian-born in Australia. Countless hold prominent positions and embody modern Australia.

We’re proud to present vignettes of 10 alumni and Malaysian-Australians who tell the story of our two countries, bonded through education.