Explore, engage and exchange connections.

Exchanging creativity and culture — connecting past, present and future.

Engaging people and potential — connecting leaders, creators and change makers.

Exploring taste and technology  — connecting people through food, science and innovation.

Celebrating Australia’s creative excellence, diversity and innovation.

Australia now is an initiative of the Australian Government celebrating Australia’s creative excellence, diversity and innovation.

Each year, the program is delivered in a country or region of strategic significance. The program strengthens and deepens bilateral ties, and raises Australia’s profile as an innovative, creative nation – while building understanding beyond our landscape and lifestyle. Australia now promotes Australia’s cultural exchange, institutional networks, collaboration and people-to-people links while reflecting the cultural richness of Australia. Australia now demonstrates how contemporary Australia draws on our strong Indigenous culture and multicultural heritage, while promoting Australia as a key destination for tourism, study, research, innovation and investment.

Most of all Australia now is about building relationships for the future.


Past Australia now programs