Celebrating partnership —
past, present and future.

Connecting future leaders, creators and innovators in Malaysia and Australia.

Australia now is a celebration of diversity, cooperation and cultural exchange in Malaysia.

Recognising the strong ties and deep connections between Malaysia and Australia, Australia now will promote Australia’s creative excellence and innovation and strengthen networks and collaboration.

Our countries enjoy a strong and dynamic relationship founded on common interests and mutual respect. Our partnership is long standing and broad — from cooperation in WWII to our modern day trade and tourism links.

Australia now Malaysia will celebrate diversity, cooperation and cultural exchange between our countries. We are delighted that Malaysia will be our host in 2021!

Join us, as we connect future leaders, creators and innovators in Malaysia and Australia. It’s all about celebrating partnership – past, present and future

We look forward to seeing you there.

Australia now 2021 Malaysia will showcase

Creativity & Culture

Arts, Design, Exhibitions, Light Installation

Australia now will engage Malaysian and Australian communities to explore issues of past, present and future cultural significance. It will use digital and real time platforms to create new experiences to share. Partners from government, the arts and cultural organisations will join us to build these relationships while celebrating our cultural richness and diversity.

People & Potential

Public Dialogue, Speaking Events, Panel Discussions, Education, Sport And Lifestyle

People are at the heart of the Australia-Malaysia relationship. At a time when COVID has impacted personal interactions, Australia now has provided platforms to strengthen people-to-people connections and engagement across society and government. Drawing on our deep personal connections, collaborations in diversity, youth empowerment, gender equity, education and bi-lateral relationships have strengthened cooperation, connecting leaders, creators and change makers.

Tastes & Technology

Food, Innovation, Science

Heighten your senses through a smorgasbord of showcases, from a gourmet journey through Australian food products and Malaysian cooking styles to gaining an essential understanding of the impacts of solar storms. Exploring the relationships between taste and technology. Australia now will present unique opportunities for people to connect through food, science and innovation.